Group Members

Graduate Students

Lawrence Berg

B.S. Chemistry, Engineering Science, and Political Science 2019, Vanderbilt University

Research Area: Total synthesis

Other interests: Bar trivia, fantasy sports, arguing about real sports, pretentiously reading classic literature, water based activities, eating meat

Contact: ljberg @

Alyssa Clay

B.S. Chemistry 2018, Furman University

Research Area: Total synthesis

Other interests: Hiking, running, board games, cooking, Subarus

Contact: apclay @

Chris Codogni

B.S. Chemistry 2022, Ohio State University 

Research Area: Total synthesis

Contact: ccodogni @ 

Signe Dahlberg-Wright

Dayne Goss

B.S. Chemistry 2021, Ohio State University

Research Area: Total synthesis

Contact: gossd813 @ 

Yeon Jung Kim

B.S. Chemistry 2019, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Area: Methodology and catalyst development

Other interests: Travelling, wandering around cities

Contact: ykim673 @

Paul Lauridsen

B.S. Chemistry 2018, University of Southern California

Research Area: Methodology and catalyst development

Other interests: Facial hair, cooking, eating said cooking, not watching The Office

Contact: pjlaurid @

Steven Miller

B.S. Chemistry 2019, Virginia Tech

Research Area: Chemical Biology

Other Interests: skiing, cooperative board games, watching basketball, birds

Contact: stevendm @

Enrique Moya

Elizabeth (Liz) Park

B.A. Chemistry 2020, Rutgers University

Research Area: Chemical Biology

Other interests: Memes, knitting, cats, Spongebob

Contact: erpark @


Anne Wampler

B.A. Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration 2019, Washington University in St. Louis

Research Area: Chemical Biology

Other Interests: baking, cooking, playing water polo

Contact: awampler @

Undergraduate Students

Howra Alammarah

Kaile Maske


Zac Nguyen

Human Biology and Public Policy