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Graduate Students

Lawrence Berg
B.S. Chemistry, Engineering Science, and Political Science 2019, Vanderbilt University

Research Area: Total synthesis

Other interests: Bar trivia, fantasy sports, arguing about real sports, pretentiously reading classic literature, water based activities, eating meat

Contact: ljberg @

kerry betz
Kerry Betz
B.S. Chemistry 2015, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Research Area: Methodology and catalyst development

Other interests: Hiking, skiing, rock climbing, art, painting, camping, the outdoors, mountains, playing violin & mandolin, eating

Contact: kbetz @

Roshan Bhaskar
B.A. Biochemistry 2019, Columbia University

Research Area: Chemical Biology

Other Interests: board games, rewatching all of Star Wars television, avoiding physical activity, fanboying over Liverpool (YNWA), eating plants 

Contact: rgbhaskar @

alyssa clay
Alyssa Clay
B.S. Chemistry 2018, Furman University

Research Area: Total synthesis

Other interests: Hiking, running, board games, cooking, Subarus

Contact: apclay @

anna elleman
Anna Elleman
B.S. Chemical Biology 2015, University of California, Berkeley

Research Area: Chemical biology

Other interests: Travel, wine, all food, corgis, bad TV shows

Contact: aelleman @

pablo elvira
Pablo Elvira
B.S. Biological Chemistry & B.S. Chemistry 2017, University of Chicago

Research Area: Chemical biology

Other interests: Skiing, hiking, cooking, watching movies

Contact: pdelvira @

catherine garrison
Catherine Garrison
B.S. Chemistry; B.S. Brain and Cognitive Science 2016, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Research Area: Chemical biology

Other interests: Homebrewing, power tools, answering "What's up?" with "the ceiling", passionately rooting for all the sports teams other people hate, becoming the first Real Housewife of Indianapolis

Contact: ceg @

holly hajare
Holly Hajare
B.S. Chemistry 2015, Yale University

Research Area: Chemical biology

Other interests: World domination, planning, eating cheese. Baking? Traveling?

Contact: hhajare @

Paul Lauridsen
B.S. Chemistry 2018, University of Southern California

Research Area: Methodology and catalyst development

Other interests: Facial hair, cooking, eating said cooking, not watching The Office

Contact: pjlaurid @

Steven Miller
Steven Miller
B.S. Chemistry 2019, Virginia Tech

Research Area: Chemical Biology

Other Interests: skiing, cooperative board games, watching basketball, birds

Contact: stevendm @

steve sarno
Steve Sarno
B.S. Chemistry 2015, Brown University

Research Area: Total synthesis

Other interests: 

Contact: ssarno @

Anne Wampler
Anne Wampler
B.A. Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration 2019, Washington University in St. Louis

Research Area: Chemical Biology

Other Interests: baking, cooking, playing water polo

Contact: awampler @

Postdoctoral Researchers

Jacob Lacharity
Ph.D. 2020, UC Santa Barbara, B.Sc. Chemistry, 2015, University of Western Ontario

Research Area: Methodology and catalyst development

Other interests: Cooking, guitar, volleyball

Contact: jlachar @

Jie "Jackson" Zhu
Ph.D. 2019, University of California, Davis (Prof. Mark J. Kurth), M.S. Chemistry 2015, California State University, Long Beach (Prof. Young-Seok Shon), B.S. Chemistry 2012, University of California, Davis

Research area: Methodology and chemical biology

Other interests: Photography, cooking, beaches/lakes/waterfalls/rivers, and NBA

Contact: jjszhu @

Undergraduate Students

Jules Brunello
Molecular Biology
Sophia Gamboa
Human Biology
Kaile Maske
Ashley Riley
Chemistry, Human Biology